North Winnipeg Nomads

Markus Howell Field and the North Winnipeg Nomads
Melanie Wight, MLA for Burrows

August 26, 2013

Nomads Presented with Member's Statement

Football is one of Canada’s fastest-growing youth sports. The North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club has been a key part of the lives of many youth since 1969. Young people growing up in our area have spent hours playing on the Nomads’ field at Charlie Krupp Stadium, and many adults remember victories won and bumps and bruises earned in days gone by.


Last weekend, I attended the ceremony to rename the Nomads’ main field after Winnipeg Blue Bombers coach and player Markus Howell. Markus grew up very close to my house on Stella Avenue, and could just run over to play on the field that now bears his name. He also began his career on that very field as a member of the Winnipeg Hawkeyes, where he developed his skills as an athlete before embarking on an 11-year career with the Canadian Football League. Markus has played with Winnipeg, Ottawa and Calgary, and started his coaching career with the Bombers after his retirement. Markus is a wonderful role model to the young people who now play on his namesake field, and living proof that hard work really does pay off.

The renaming was a great event. Many Bomber team members came out to support the Nomads, whose program is flourishing under the leadership of the club’s dedicated Board, managers and coaches. With just under 500 players of all ages currently enrolled, the North Winnipeg Nomads are one of Canada’s largest football clubs. Many, many more friends and family are also involved with the Nomads as volunteers.

Participation in sport is a great way for young people to learn teamwork and discipline, to stay fit and to have fun. I invite all members to join me in thanking the volunteers, the leaders, the role models and the players who have put their hearts and souls into the North Winnipeg Nomads for almost forty five years. To the young players who are in the gallery, I look forward to continuing to see you play on the Markus Howell Field!

Thank you.

Melanie Wight, MLA for Burrows