North Winnipeg Nomads


The North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club History


The North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club was established over 45 years ago. Originally started as a Bantam Football Club that soon grew to accommodate athletes of all ages (male and female) from 7 -22, and currently boasts the second largest enrollment in Canadian Amateur Football. 


In 1968 with the encouragement from the President of the Manitoba Bantam League (Ingi Ingaldson) efforts were made to bring a Bantam team to North Winnipeg.  After a year of meetings, fund raising and planning The North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club was established in the spring of 1969.  Jim Ferguson came up with the “Nomads” name and the Northwood Community Centre acted as the first home of the Nomads.  The Northwood Community Centre already had an established football program for the younger ages (14 and under) that played in the City 6 Man league. 

The first Nomads Board of Directors was formed and consisted of the following members serving as the Nomads executive:   Fred Gregora – President, Jack Byzuk, K. Dickson, W. Gibb, Alex Hamilton, Doug Miller, Ken B. Peters, J. Popowich, Bordon Semenchuk –Fundraising 

The Members of The Nomads Bantam Teams first staff were Ed Ozunko - General Manager, Dave Piper - Head Coach, Gord Tumilson - Assistant Coach and Doug Miller - Equipment Manager.  

The Nomads first season ended with a 2-7 wins/loss record. 

The Second season (1970) of the Nomads Bantam Team (15 year olds at that time) was much more of a success.   Members of the Northwood 14 year old team that won the City Six man Championship the previous year, went on to join the Nomads in 1970 and help win their first Provincial Bantam Championship and Western Canadian Bantam Championship. The Nomads Bantams won both these titles again in 1972 and 1973  

The North Winnipeg Nomads remained solely as a Bantam Football Club until 1978 when they added Minor Bantam to the organization. By the turn of the new millennium the Nomads had established themselves as a fully operable club, having teams from age 7(Terminators) through to 22(Major). 

The North Winnipeg Nomads had a strong connection with The Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Football Team (CJFL) (defunct) throughout their existence.  The two clubs partnered on many occasions in regard to fundraising and sharing resources.  The Hawkeyes provided developmental support to the Nomads and viewed them as a team to recruit from.  Many North Winnipeg Nomads Athletes went on to play for the Winnipeg Hawkeyes.  

The Nomads were truly nomadic playing out of Northwood Community Club, but also bounced around a variety of fields without actually having a home base.  Facilities such as Frank White, Sinclair Park C.C. and Garden City C.C have also served as home fields.  

In 1997 The North Winnipeg Nomads got a permanent home. The Winnipeg Hawkeyes, who had a clubhouse adjacent to the Charlie Krupp Stadium on McPhillips Street, had ceased operations, and agreed to sell the building to the Nomads for $1.00. The following year after some upgrades to the building the Nomads moved in and started playing at the Hawkeyes facility while still using the field at Frank White     

2007 The Nomads establish an award which is awarded annually in honour of the life of Nomads Bantam Football player Marvin Harkus.  

2008, the Nomads won three provincial championships at the Atom, Peewee and Midget levels this has been so far the most titles won in a year. 

2010 The Nomads expand building a new Clubhouse next to the “Old Hawkeyes Building” the trophy case was dedicated to long time nomads volunteer Gary Stroppa. 

2010 The Nomads field a Women’s tackle football team Winnipeg (Nomads) Wolfpack that compete in the Women’s Western Canadian Football League (WWCFL). 

2011 The Nomads field both junior Girls and Senior Girls teams in the MGFL.

2012 The Nomads acquired the Charlie Krupp Stadium property and convert the old baseball diamond to a new Cruncher (7 and 8 year olds) playing field and practice facility. 

2012, 2013, 2014 Nomads Peewee and Bantam teams coached by Head Coach Dan Noordman reach the Provincials Finals winning the Championship on two occasions (2012/13) records of 12-0, 11-1, and 9-2-1. 

2013 The Nomads partner with the Winnipeg Rifles of the CJFL, sharing resources and becoming the Rifles practice facility.

2013 The Nomads rename the main field in honour of Winnipeg Hawkeye alumnus and Blue Bomber assistant Coach Marcus Howell. 

2014 The Nomads Name the new media centre in honour of long-time Volunteer Ron Havens. 

2015 The Nomads Board of Directors unanimously votes in favor of creating The Nomads Legacy Committee, which serves to seek out opportunities for the future development and longevity of the Nomads football club. 

The Nomads have been successful in capturing 23 Manitoba Provincial Football Championships, 3 Western Canadian Bantam Championships, while graduating 8 players to the CFL, and 2 to the NHL. 

Nomads Alumni

Gary Rosolowich -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Harold Jackman -- Ottawa Rough Riders
Rick Koswin -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Jason Dzikowicz -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Mark McLoughlin -- Calgary Stampeders
Mike O'Donnell -- Montreal Alouettes
Eddie Steele – Edmonton Eskimos

Colton Orr -- New York Rangers (NHL)

Travis Zajac -- New Jersey (NHL) 


Nomads' Titles
1970 -- Western Canadian Bantam; Provincial Bantam
1972 -- Western Canadian Bantam; Provincial Bantam
1973 -- Western Canadian Bantam; Provincial Bantam
1974 -- Provincial Bantam
1979 -- Provincial Minor Bantam

1980 -- Provincial Minor Bantam Champions

1981 -- Provincial Bantam Champions
1990 -- Provincial Minor Bantam; Bantam
1993 -- Provincial Minor Bantam
1994 -- Provincial Bantam
1996 -- Provincial Peewee
2002 -- Provincial Midget
2005 -- Provincial Bantam
2006 -- Provincial Midget

2008 -- Provincial Atom Champions

2008 -- Provincial PeeWee Champions

2008 -- Provincial Major Provincial Champions

2009 -- Provincial Minor Bantam Provincial Champions

2009 -- Provincial Major Champions

2010 -- Provincial Midget Champions

2011 -- Provincial Bantam Champions

2012 -- Provincial PeeWee Champions

2012 -- Provincial Midget Champions 

2013 --Junior Manitoba Girls Champions

2013 -- Provincial Bantam Champions 


Wherever North Winnipeg Nomads Athletes choose to continue their football career (High School Team, The Wpg Rifles, The Manitoba Bisons or even The Wpg Blue Bombers) Nomads Athletes bring success to these programs through the fundamentals they acquired first though the Nomads program. 

From its humble beginnings at Northwood Community Club in 1969, the North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club, has grown dramatically and has provided a program for kids to play. This club has grown because of the involvement and enthusiasm of its members and their efforts. The Nomads will continue to grow and provide the North End community kids a club that they can be proud of and a field to foster their dreams.