North Winnipeg Nomads

The North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club thanks you for your interest in becoming a Coach! 

Originally a single Bantam team we now field teams in all age groups of Manitoba Minor Football. The North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club also contributes teams to the Manitoba Midget, Majors, Girls and Women's Leagues.  This club has grown because of the involvement and enthusiasm of its members and their efforts.

There are some requirements and expectations to become a Coach with the Nomads Football Club;

Requirements for a first year Coach:

Requirements after first year:

There are 2 components to the training. The online training and an in-person workshop hosted by Football Manitoba (check the Football Canada and Football Manitoba website for upcoming Course dates)

  • Ages 7 to 14 at a community club level, you need to take Community Sport Initiation (CSI) – Novice For Tackle.
  • Ages 14 to 17 at a High School (i.e Junior Varsity or Varsity), Midget or Majors level, you need to take Introduction to Competition – Position Coach (Trained).
  • Ages 18 and up (i.e. CJFL, CIS or high performance) you will need Competition Development

Nomads Coaches are expected to adhere to the Nomads Coaches Code of Conduct and maintain a high standard of discipline as coaches are considered role models and leaders in our community.

Coaches application

Mission Statement

The North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club is committed to providing an athletic program based upon positive interactions and the promotion of sportsmanship as part of a complete and well-rounded football program


The fundamental goal of the Nomads football programs is to provide competitive athletic opportunities for all of our athletes under competent leadership at all levels, from the Board to qualified Coaches and Managers.

Each Nomads Team will strive for a winning tradition through the development of pride, excellence, discipline, work ethic, participation, teamwork and support of our community at large. However at no time will winning be put first before the team, individual players or in the sacrifice of fun. Football at its core roots is a game meant to be played for fun and to build teamwork.