North Winnipeg Nomads

North Winnipeg Nomad Football Club 2016 Programs



Born in

Terminator (Cruncher)

7 & 8

2010 & 2009


9 & 10

2008 & 2007

Pee Wee**

11 & 12

2006 & 2005

Minor Bantam



Please note that the Minor Bantam & Bantam Divisions have been combined and play together.





15, 16 & 17

2002 2001 & 2000



1999, 1998, 1997, 1996 & 1995   


Terminator Football is 6 on 6. Smaller field with Coaches on the field

Atom Football is 9 on 9, Smaller field with fair play box rule in affect

Pee Wee Football is 12 on 12 standard CFL Field with fair play box rule in affect

Minor Bantam & Bantam is 12 on 12 with fair play box rule in affect.  As of April 2013 has been grouped together. This may change due to registration within the MMFA.

Midget & Major team tryouts based upon registration numbers and coaches description on who plays and when.


Nomads Football Club registration is always the first weekend in May, based upon the MMFA schedule. Any registration received after this time frame is subject to a $40 additional late registration fee.

2016 Registration Dates - M.M.F.A. - Midget & Major - Ages 7 - 22

  • May 6th - 8th, 2016  

Playing Schedule

The MMFA schedule runs from the beginning of August to Championship weekend which is held at Investors Group at the end of October based upon the Blue Bombers home schedule. Teams start to practice at the discretion of their head coaches and the average team practices 2-3 times per week and plays once on the weekend. Please contact your Team Manager for details on your practice times and location. Players are reminded that football is an outdoor sport and never assume your practice or game is cancelled until you hear it from your Team Manager or from your Coaching Staff.

Spring Camp Info

Spring Camp is the official start of the Nomads season with teams coming together for the first time, parents meeting coaches and managers. A great time for introductions, one on ones and expectations to be delivered to players and parents. Below is the schedule and Spring Camp is held at Charlie Krupp Stadium and both the Canteen and Nomads Store will be open.


Football, unlike hockey, player equipment is provided at the cost of the Club. With the mounting cost of equipment rising yearly, we ask that players and parents respect the equipment that is loaned to them. Unlike other clubs we don’t ask for or take an equipment fee – all we ask is that the equipment is returned after each season. We understand that football is a contact sport and equipment will have its fair share of repair or replacements needed, however we will never sacrifice a players safety for equipment at any time, and to help us continue this mission statement we need everyone’s help in order to keep costs manageable. The average cost of one player's equipment is $500+.

We ask that equipment be treated with respect during the year. Air it out between practices and don’t keep in a bag, wash jerseys and pants as needed. However, keep items like hip and knee pads out of the washing machine; yet wash by hand only if needed. Wearing a dirty uniform during a game is unacceptable and is the responsibility of each player to have a clean uniform for each game.

If you notice your child’s equipment is in need of repair contact your Team Manager or Head Coach immediately to have it fixed or replaced. A constant issue with abuse of equipment will lead to an equipment deposit.

Helmets are not to be sat on during non-game or practice play.

Mouth guards, if needed to be replaced, is the responsibility of the player and can be purchased at the Nomads Store. Mouth guards help prevent concussions and are mandatory for MMFA players.

Each Player will be responsible for the following (not provided by the Nomads Football Club):

  1. Practice Jersey
  2. Football Socks (colour as per Team /Coach direction)
  3. Additional Mouth guards
  4. Footwear (cleats are recommended)
  5. Gloves (not needed but seem to be industry trend)

Players under 18 are not allowed to wear tinted visors without a letter signed from their Doctor/Optometrist and such the North Winnipeg Nomads assume no responsibility with aftermarket add-ons to their equipment and strongly advise clear visors when applicable.

Equipment Fittings

All Fittings will be at the Nomads Clubhouse and when your age division is scheduled. We will have one extra day for those that can’t make it due to scheduling conflicts. If you miss both times there will be a $40 non-refundable fitting fee (Must be paid cash before player gets equipment). You are to come on your age division during the allotted time only as you will not be fitted during another division’s time. Your Team Manager or Head Coach will be in contact to confirm your team's time and when they will be present. Reminder all parking for fittings will be at North Centennial and not in the loop. Nomads Store will be open during all fitting sessions.


Is it critical that players stay hydrated during all physical activities. The start of the football season starts in July and during the Manitoba summers, heat and humidity can reach extreme temperatures. We recommend that your child have more than enough water on hand during all practices and games and to stay away from sugar beverages as pop, energy drinks and juice. Water is recommended, and eating light and often during days of activity will help your child ’s energy and performance level. Having a large meal before will only affect the ability and may force your child into uncomfortable situations and even lead to sickness.