North Winnipeg Nomads

Congratulations to the daily winners, you will be notified of your prize.

Aug 1 Bobby Lee $25.00 

Aug 2 Carrie Osabuty $25.00

Aug 3 Jenn Rands $50.00

Aug 4 Trevor Smith $50.00

Aug 5 Shelly Woodland $50.00 nomads store gift cert. 

Aug 6 Sherry Fitzgerald $50.00

Aug 7 Cheyann Boisvert $150.00

Aug 8 Billy Dubery $25.00

Aug 9 Nettie Anderson $25.00

Aug 10 Selena Flett $50.00

Aug 11 Amanda Sanderson $50.00

Aug 12 Joan Campbell $50.00

Aug 13 Robin McKay $50.00 nomads store gift cert

Aug 14 Amanda Velho $150.00

Aug 15 Tom Clarke $25.00

Aug 16 Stephanie Molyneaux $25.00

Aug 17 Dennis Rodrigue $50.00 nomads store gift cert

Aug 18 Jean Vieira $50.00

Aug 19 Adhara Smith $50.00

Aug 20 Beth Mason $50.00

Aug 21 Peggy Klymkiw $150.00

Aug 22 Jennifer Reidcliff $25.00

Aug 23 Beth Mason $25.00

Aug 24 Trevor Smith $100.00

Aug 25 Zachary Hemphew $100.00

Aug 26 Janet Lemire $100.00

Aug 27 Terry Rear $250.00 + $50.00 nomads store gift cert

Aug 28 Terri Chubala $300.00 + $100.00 nomads store gift cert

Aug 29 Natalie Fee $50.00

Aug 30 Mikhael Nigussie-Ahmo $100.00

Aug 31 Karen Debbie Genaille $500.00 + $100.00 nomads store gift cert

Good Luck to all Nomads teams playing this weekend! 

Saturday and Sunday Schedules and Tips for your Nomads Football Game. 

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The Football Community will be honouring Ayron Noordman this weekend starting Saturday at 10:00am. Every football field that has games this weekend will hold a moment of silence prior to every kickoff. A brief message will be read by our dear friend and President of the Referee Officials at the Nomads field prior to the 10:00am kickoff. The officials will be wearing arm bands in honour of Ayron. Ayron played for the Nomads from 2000-2006. Ayron then started as an official in 2007 and had no plans on stopping. He was the longest serving official in the MFRA. 
All family and friends are welcome to attend.

June 28, 2015 

The North Winnipeg Nomads football club would like to send the Noordman family our condolences in the passing of Ayron Noordman. 

Ayron was a player that worn the green and gold proudly from Terminator to Bantam and moved to the ranks of an official where I have had the pleasure of dealing with at many of our games at the Nomads field. 

The Noordman’s have been part of the Nomads family for many years, with the passing of Ayron we as a club can send our prayers and support to Dan, Tabitha and the rest of the family  

Nathan Yamron 


North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club  


North Winnipeg to host CANAM Football Classic - May 23-24, 2015

Presented by Elite Performance



The NORTH WINNIPEG NOMADS & GREENDELL FALCONS FOOTBALL CLUBS with support from Football Manitoba & Title Sponsor Elite Performance have teamed up, in the spirit of community to host the St. THOMAS TOMMIES, a NCAA Division 3 Football program from Minnesota.

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