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Nomads call time-out on Major Program for 2015

After a successful 13 year run in the Manitoba Major League, the North Winnipeg Nomads will not be fielding a team for the 2015 season.  

Retiring Head Coach Dennis Radlinsky is stepping down, after 13 years to coach his daughter's team in the MGFA.  No successor has been named, as yet.

"With no coaching candidates coming forward and an extended deadline, we had no other option but to take a step back this year, in hopes of fielding a team in 2016." said Nomads President Nathon Yamron.  "We were a founding member of the league and this hurts, yet sometimes you have to take a step back, and evaluate your program so you can take to steps forward in the future.  We'll be back, you can count on that" Yamron added. 

The Major League, for athletes 18-22, is made up of teams in Fort Garry, Brandon, St.Vital, Eastside, Greendell and St. James.  Information on the league can be found at

"The Major League has and always will have a special place in my heart, it was just a time to step back and spend more time with my family, my daughters and give back to the game at a different level.  the choice was difficult, but now it's someone else's turn to carry the ball.  I'd like to thank the coaches, athletes, referees and league administrators who made/make the Major League what it is, I wish it success and prosperity for dozens of years" said Coach Radlinsky with emotion and pride.   

The Nomads would like to thank those who have been part of this great run and also advise the entire football community, that this hiatus will be used to hire a Head Coach and build operations in anticipation of 2016.  Nomad Nation will return!

All Nomad coaching inquires for the Majors or any age level should be directed to: 


Richard Arndt

Director of Football Operations

North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club

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