North Winnipeg Nomads

Change in date and venue of AGM. 

The North Winnipeg Nomads will be hosting its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, December 6 at 3:00 PM at the Nomads Clubhouse.

This is to ensure that we get the best possible turnout.  Please park where you would on game day, in the lot off of Sinclair or across the street at the casino.

Babysitting will be provided, and this will also be your opportunity to pick up your tax receipt.

Please find attached some proposed bylaw and constitutional changes which we will be voting on at the AGM. 


2015 AGM Topics for Membership Vote


Motion One:  Intent is to define the definition of membership as it pertains to voting privileges.  Any changes will also apply to the station listed as “Voting” in the by-laws.


Vote to add an amendment to:




A Member is defined as a parent or guardian who has paid a registration fee.  One vote per family unit.


  1. Voting at AGM’s shall only be granted to the following:


  • One parent/legal guardian per MMFA athlete (in the case of multiple athletes registered in one family, only one vote is still allocated to the family unit)

  • One parent/legal guardian per MGFA athlete

  • (Note if an athlete plays in the MMFA & MGFA they only get one vote)

  • One parent/legal guardian per Midget athlete

    (Note final year Midget families are not eligible to vote)

  • Elected Board Members from the current year

  • (note (a) if Board Member is a parent he/she only gets one vote)

  • (note (b) President & Past President who don’t vote during the year can vote


Note: Any member not in good standing with the club and or Football Manitoba will not be eligible to vote.  This applies to outstanding fees, suspensions and or other.