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Winnipeg Hawkeyes Juvenile/Junior Football Club History

Winnipeg Hawkeyes Established in 1957

Prior to 1970 the Winnipeg Hawkeyes played as a Juvenile team (The age group consisted primarily of 17 to 19 year-olds) in the Canadian Juvenile Football League winning the Championship (the Little Grey Cup) on at least 4 occasions. 

1968 Canadian Juvenile Football Champions 

The Hawkeyes beat the Lachine Lakers from the Quebec Juvenile Football League by a score of 60-7. 

1969 Canadian Juvenile Football Champions 

Inducted as Group Members of the Order of the Buffalo Hunt on December 5, 1969. - In recognition of their attainment as 1969 Canadian Juvenile Football Champions (President, John Debroni) 

The 68/69 Winnipeg Hawkeyes were formally Inducted in 2013 Class of The Football Manitoba Hall of Fame  

(The Winnipeg Hawkeyes (Canadian Juvenile Football Championship 1968 & 1969) – The Winnipeg Hawkeyes Juvenile Football Club was a powerhouse in the latter part of the 1960′s in Winnipeg and in Canada. Their first appearance in the Canadian Juvenile final came in 1966 but unfortunately ended in a loss. Two years later they were back and in 1968 and then again in 1969, won the “Little Grey Cup” synonymous with the Canadian Juvenile Football Championship. The 1968 championship game was played at Winnipeg Stadium on Saturday, November 2nd, in front of 4000 fans The Hawkeyes went on to trounce the Lachine Lakers, winning by a lopsided score of 60-7.) 

1971 Canadian Juvenile Football Champions 

Inducted as Group Members of the Order of the Buffalo Hunt on 31 October 31 1971 In recognition of their attainment as 1971 Canadian Juvenile Football Champions. 

1972 Canadian Juvenile Football Champions 

Inducted as Group Members of the Order of the Buffalo Hunt on January 25, 1973 In recognition of their attainment as 1972 Canadian Juvenile Football Champions. 


Winnipeg Hawkeyes Juvenile Team 1974


 Winnipeg Hawkeyes Juvenile Team 1975


Junior Football History 

1946 - The Weston Monarchs Rugby Football Club Established and compete in the Winnipeg Junior Rugby Football League. 

1947 - The Weston Monarchs change their name to The Weston Wildcats. 

1952 - The Weston Wildcats win the Winnipeg Junior Rugby Football League Championship (beating the Rods). 

1953 - The Weston Wildcats join Manitoba-Saskatchewan Junior Football League. 

1963 - The Weston Wildcats Junior Football Club merge with The Winnipeg Hawkeyes Juvenile Football Club although they share resources each team keeps its own name. 

1969 - Is the last year for The Weston Wildcats as they officially change the name of the Junior Team to The Winnipeg Hawkeyes for the 1970 season. 


Manitoba-Saskatchewan Junior Football League 

In 1970 The Winnipeg Hawkeyes completed in Manitoba-Saskatchewan Junior Football League 1970 - 1975 competing against the following teams: 

Regina Rams

Saskatoon Hilltops

Winnipeg Rods 


Although The Hawkeyes were a strong contender in the MSJFL with 2 first place regular seasons, they were not able to win any Championships in this conference. 

Manitoba Junior Football Conference 

In 1976 The Winnipeg Hawkeyes joined the newly formed Manitoba Junior Football Conference competing against the following teams: 

St. Vital Mustangs (Folded in 1994)

Fort Garry Lions (folded after 1987 season)

Winnipeg Rods (folded after 1989 season)

Thunder Bay Giants (joined MJFC in 1984) competed as the Thunder Bay Storm in 1993  



Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Team 1979 


Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Team 1985 



Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Team 1986  


Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Team 1987 


 Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Team 1988  



Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Team 1989 



 Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Team 1991


Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Team 1992


Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Team 1993



Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Team 1994


 MJFC Championships

Manitoba Junior Football Conference 1981 Champions 

Winnipeg Hawkeyes 10 St. Vital Mustangs 9 

Manitoba Junior Football Conference 1982 Champions 

 Winnipeg Hawkeyes 47 St. Vital Mustang 1 

Manitoba Junior Football Conference 1983 Champions  

Winnipeg Hawkeyes 35 St. Vital Mustangs 22  

Manitoba Junior Football Conference 1989 Champions  

Winnipeg Hawkeyes 33 - St. Vital Mustangs 10 

Manitoba Junior Football Conference 1991 Champions  

Winnipeg Hawkeyes 37 - St. Vital Mustangs 24  

Manitoba Junior Football Conference 1994 Champions  

 Winnipeg Hawkeyes 21 - Thunder Bay Storm 0 


With St. Vital Mustangs folding in 1994 the MJFC was left with only two teams.  Due to this the Thunder Bay Storm moved to the Ontario Football Conference in 1995 and the Winnipeg Hawkeyes did not compete in a Junior conference for the 1995 season only playing a few games as an independent .

Prairie Football Conference 

In 1996 The Winnipeg Hawkeyes returned to The Prairie Football Conference competing against the following teams: 

Regina Rams

Saskatoon Hilltops

Edmonton Huskies

Edmonton Wildcats

Calgary Colts


The Hawkeyes had a difficult year in 1996 with a record of 1 win and 9 loses and ceased operations the following year not competing in any conference. 

In 1997 The Winnipeg Hawkeyes Junior Teams Facility and Field was turned over to The North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club.

In 2013 The Nomads rename the main field in honour of Winnipeg Hawkeye alumnus and Blue Bomber assistant Coach Marcus Howell.


Winnipeg Hawkeyes in the Canadian Football League

Leo Ezerins,  Hawkeyes '72 Alumni, CFL Teams - Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1978 - 1982) - Hamilton Tiger Cats (1983 -1987 - 1986 Grey Cup Champions)

Todd Furdyk,  Hawkeyes '88 Alumni, CFL Teams - BC Lions (1994 -1997 & 1994 Grey Cup Champions) -Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1998)

Jayson Dzikowicz,  Hawkeyes '89 Alumni, CFL Teams - Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1992 -1994 & 1997 retired) - Toronto Argonauts (1995) - Ottawa Rough Riders (1996)

Dave Donaldson, Hawkeyes ' 93 Alumni , CFL Teams  - BC Lions (1997 -1999) - Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2000-2003) - Ottawa Renegades (2004 -2005) - Toronto Argonauts (2006)

Wayne Shaw , Hawkeyes '94 Alumni , CFL Teams  - Toronto Argonauts (1999 - 2001 & 2007)  - Montreal Alouettes (2002  - 2002 Grey Cup Champions) - Hamilton Tiger Cats (2003 - 2007)

Markus Howell, Hawkeyes '94 Alumni , CFL Teams  - Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2000 - 2004 & 2010 - 2011 to present Coaching staff) - Ottawa Renegades (2005) - Calgary Stampeders (2006 - 2009 -, 2008 Grey Cup Champions)



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