North Winnipeg Nomads

Congratulations to the newly elected and returning members to the 2015 North Winnipeg Nomads Board of Directors

Nathan Yamron (President), Adrienne Dudek, Richard Arndt, Dave Ross, Noelle Sampson, Michael Maytwayshing, Tamara Pare, Gerri Hamilton, Nicole Balla, Kyle Sampson, Mandy Desmarais, Amanda Velho, Doug Wityshyn, Ken Snifeld, Kelly Northey, Lisa Pirrie, Dennis Radlinsky, Stephen Pearson, Peter Houzon, Jeffrey Bannon (Past President)

The Nomads Board of Directors meets the 3rd Monday of every month (starting in January) and all meetings are open to the membership.


Markus Howell Field and the North Winnipeg Nomads
Melanie Wight, MLA for Burrows

August 26, 2013

Nomads Presented with Member's Statement

Football is one of Canada’s fastest-growing youth sports. The North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club has been a key part of the lives of many youth since 1969. Young people growing up in our area have spent hours playing on the Nomads’ field at Charlie Krupp Stadium, and many adults remember victories won and bumps and bruises earned in days gone by.

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